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February 16, 2012



Wow! Sorry that happened to you. I have traveled to and from Guarulhos airport many times in the past, both domestic and international flights, and have never experienced that. Most recently in November 2011 from London and then back to London on the 29 of December.

Adam Gonnerman



Oh boy... I heard it has become a nightmare to fly from Guarulhos recently. I also never had that experience but again I do not travel as much. A friend posted on FB how awful it was last time he went to the US.

Anyhow, have you seen this http://www.o2filmes.com/1132/DESTINO_SP_-_FILMAGENS_COMECAM ?


Just wait until 2014 and 2016 - Nightmares! Vergonha!!


sounds like good ole brasil!

Howard Marder

After reading about your experiences at Guarulhos I decided that safer was better than sorry on my trip back to New York on Wednesday night. I didn't want to get caught in the traffic so I left downtown Sampa at 4pm just to be on the safe side. Unlike my last trip six months ago, there wasn't any traffic. Ok, I figured, at least my wait at Guarulhos won't be a horror show since I was there so early. No problem. That's right, no problem. There were no lines and I whizzed through security and immigration. The next few hours were spent just sitting around. I'm not praising the people who are running the airport (because it really is still a lousy one) but having travelled back and forth since the 80s I was really surprised for two reasons: nothing much has really changed there and there were no problems.

On my last trip (which was on TAM) we had to climb down the stairs from the plane as you did and board the overcrowded bus. This trip (on American Airlines) it was like it used to be in the past -- off the plane and the long walk to the Duty Free.

Rio Gringa

Howard, I feel bad that you had to wait around but I'm glad it went smoothly! Like I wrote, on the day of the terrible lines one of the airport guys mentioned something about not having enough agents that day. You never really know. But aside from the airport, with SP traffic, it is better to be safe than sorry. :)

Howard Marder

By the way, sorry to not mention how much I am enjoying your blog. Ever since Leighton Gage recommended it to me as an interesting additional insight into things Brazilian, especially for those of us who are married to Brasil through our spouses, I look forward to your latest posting. Please continue to be an additional set of eyes on Brasil.

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