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June 15, 2011



Very interesting indeed. I really want to watch both documentaries; thanks for the links! A few months ago I watched a special here in Canada on the case against Tommy Chong in the US and it is a good window into the craziness and waste of resources that the war of drugs have become. Check it out: http://www.cbc.ca/documentaries/passionateeyeshowcase/2008/tommychong/

The idea that someone is arrested and incarcerated for smoking pot and not for drinking alcohol is just too ridiculous. But we all know that making alcohol illegal, as the US tried during prohibition, doesn't solve the problem.


These movements are concentrated in São Paulo, as always, we can keep this nerve of "let's break it all down"(vamo quebra tudo).
The number of "rebels" in other regions is limited, most seem anesthetized by the fallacy of the World Cup, Olympics and these PT stories, that we are the most developed and the luckiest country in the world, thanks to their party. Our rulers ambition has no limits.
But who knows, I was on the streets in the early 1990s and we threw a president out, maybe its about time to do it again.

Rio Gringa

@Alex Thanks! I love documentaries. I found a bunch on PBS that are all online too.
@Eric In some of the other cities, the movement is certainly smaller, but I'm honestly surprised by how big it's gotten in Rio. In general, there seems to be more activism of this sort there in the last few years, and this is certainly part of it.


Shallow, dumb partisan bickering, that post of Eric.

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