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April 07, 2011


Account Deleted

Good article.
I'm not gay, and I think homossexuality is more than a condition to be 'discovered'. But I strongly condemn Bolsonaro way of expressing his thoughts. He was called (elected) to serve people and not to defame people.
If he has something to tell against anyone's behaviour over society, he's has rights and power to stand against it, there's a correct way to accomplish that and it's not by being freely stupid. He's even more wrong when he acts towards people's personal choices/lives.

Despite all I've said, what bothers me the most is that brazilian society just proved to be MORE (not only) concerned with individual rights when those rights are related to famous people. When were Marcelo Tas, CQC or Preta Gil elected to represent people? Is it wrong that they 'catch up' with common people? No. But their voice shouldn't be the first. Raising discussion, defending rights it's up to the people, the common people.

I'm afraid of being misunderstood but, why people didn't get upset with that before? Is Jair Bolsonaro and his thoughts new on the scene? No. Is this situation of discriminatory statements being ignored by everyone a new thing? No.

One last thought on that - perhaps the most important IMHO:
Why they are doing all this movement to check things, to investigate Bolsonaro, to take away his lawyer license AND why they didn't the same effort to CLEAN UP the congress, to FEED the poor, to ENSURE PEOPLE'S FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS: LIVING, SECURITY, JOB, STUDY, HEALTH and JUSTICE? If the congress steals people's money and rights, the bravest of us make jokes, but if somebody famous is offended, the tiniest citizen is able to send the offender to the fire, like witches were sent long before?

Something is really wrong.


"Famous people, usually men, who are out of the closet or rumored to be gay face an uphill battle"

Like who?

"for example, the (few) openly gay athletes in Brazil are often publicly harassed, even tormented."

You say that based on who, on a single athlete who had "gay" and "fag" screamed at him during volleyball matches? Though you try to make it sound like a Brazilian thing, bigotry in sports stadiums is common all over the world. Just see how European fans treat African and Brazilian footballers who play for their clubs. If there ever was a gay American in more manly sport, I doubt he was treated any differently. Sports stadiums are hardly the most tolerant place anywhere in the world.

"there were 260 murders considered hate crimes against LGBTs"

Which isn't even 0.5% of total murders in the country last year. Plus, the study has a number of flaws. Many transexuals and travestites are linked to street prostitution and drug trafficking, something that by itself might expose them to more violent situations. I remember reading on journals of a number of non-fatal gay bashing incidents at Avenida Paulista, SP. But about murders I don't. Strange this, how we hear of non-fatal gay bashing but not of anti-gay murders if they're really so common. By the way, how did the group behid the study - the Grupo Gay da Bahia -, which isn't even a an official organization, verified the motivations behind the crimes? And how impartial is that group? A right-wing Catholic organization might have found different numbers, perhaps?

Before someone accuses me of insensitivity to gay Brazilians, I must say I'm one of them. I just don't see what certain activists and their sympathizers are saying, and I strongly suspect thing might be exaggerate to push an agenda.

Rio Gringa

@RFS I think Richarlyson is another good example in terms of athletes. As for discrimination in sports, of course homophobia is global, but this post is specifically about Brazil, not Europe or the US. Frankly I think it's brave to be an openly gay athlete anywhere.

As for the murder numbers, it's worth looking into, but regardless of the actual number, there's definitely urgency to address the issue.

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