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October 07, 2010



é triste ver que a sociedade consegue criar coisas tão incríveis como o google earth e não consegue acabar com a pobreza da própria sociedade

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

That's really interesting. I would never have thought that something like Google Street View would end up starting global awareness and *possibly* even leading to social change.

I checked a few of your links and WOW. Talk about some interesting snapshots...

James Miller

Notice how all those people lined up on the wall are of a darker shade? I'm starting to be glad that in my 7 months in Brazil as a black person I never made it into the Northern Zone. But you can't say that in Brazil right?


sorry Miller... the three people against the wall are the SAME shade as the cops, maybe even lighter. It seems you see what you want to see.


Here in the United States, sorry but nothing is different. People just know about Hollywood, Disney or some places "good" in NY or Miami Beach. Take a deep tour in the U.S. then you folks will see how the violence and the real life street ares going here as well. Oh yeah!...

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