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October 25, 2010



I saw this documentary on TV Cultura (I think) before returning to the US in July. Outstanding, funny, and sad at the same time.


You liked my suggestion, that is nice !
The film industry is always two steps back in what concerns facts about foreign art and culture. It should be the opposite, always portraiting the most updated and surprising facts of a country. Foreign films about Brazil are sooo trashy and false, I even didn't have the stomach to watch the whole documentary. It is a very interesting and valuable film though. Glad you like it and keep doing your wonderful work with your blog!

mallory elise

ahk i love this, it makes me so embarassed because i can't even remember what i thought about Brazil before meeting Henrique, only watched part one, will finish it later tonight, but aside from everything they say, the women, the beach, "fruit", "sun" the most humerous is "yeah they dont work down there, they are always in a party at the beach" yes, apparently we obtain items through the barter sysytem....ok maybe their opinion based on film could be one thing if Rio was the whole country. What's annoying is that many people think Rio IS the whole country, the beach population is so damn small!!just goes to show that international history and cultural education in US schools is too low since we only learn through the hollywood...aiaiai. great post, cant wait to finish watching it :)


loved it, rachel and ana. thanx a lot. u guys gave me a big smile.

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