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September 27, 2010


Ray Adkins


Very good post.
Now the you mention Bush and Sarah Palin are on the same level as Tiririca if you ask me :)



haha. Good one, Rachel! So you know the feeling... but it seems that the problem with Tiririca (besides the obvious one), is that his winning the election means to elect with him some other bad candidates along. That's why he is getting a lot of support ($$$) from the party and vice-versa. See this charge: http://charges.uol.com.br/2010/09/28/

Now, it would be funny if it was not sad. But ironically, the clown is disputing along with Maluf, which to me is the biggest joke of all.

By the way, I just came across the FT article on Lula (I have it in English so will send it to you by email tomorrow) here in Portuguese http://blogs.estadao.com.br/radar-economico/2010/09/27/colunista-do-ft-tenta-desvendar-culto-a-lula/ and this disgraceful Sunday's article on another British paper (ironically) "The Independent" http://tinyurl.com/244hqby

Just be careful, you might throw up from reading the second article.


hey rachel!

the ACTUAL reason Tiririca & Mulher Pera, etc. are running is so that the public will, as you said, cast "protest votes" or just votes based on their popularity since a large portion of the population barely knows any of the candidates because of our multiple party system (myself included! it's HARD to keep up!) - and the sad news is - if Tiririca gets a certain amount of votes, these votes go to him and his party, and he's allowed to bring in 4 non-elected sleazeballs into Congress with him. So for them, it's a win-win, but unfortunately for us, it's a lose-lose. =/ This happened a couple of years ago when Enéas Carneiro was elected, and he and the members of his party (who he was able to rope in with his record votes) were accused of all sorts of theft/scandal.

So despite it being a joke, there are ardent protests going on here in SP to NOT VOTE for Tiririca or any of these other silly candidates, because it won't be much of a "protest"

mallory elise

obviously i don't vote, but the celebrities do kinda worry me. Tiririca's campaign is really strong, everyday i see it in the evening spot and on the radio. i joked in the car the other day "ahh! 2222 is the only number i know!" and H said "well, it's probably the only number most voters know". i asked if he thought he would win, he said "if i know my country, then yes. he will win for sure." then i saw the add with the woman who is the famous transvestite on tv and she was wearing something a whore wouldn't even wear! i said "this is not the image brazilians want the world seeing of their country!" it's disturbing, ok democracy, but it makes Brazil seem like a joke. then H said its all about the party using them for more votes, so i guess that makes sense. Dems vote Dems for the party, not for the candidate and reps too. so. he compared it to schwarzenegger and Ronald Regan, but at least they acted professional about it, right?

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