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August 15, 2010



Ola Rachel! Just wanted to thank you for posting about Wasteland!! I caught the screening at the IFC Center last night, having been alerted by your prior post. Deeply moving and very well done, as you noted. I was also impressed by how well done the subtitles were (like when someone used " a senhora" to refer to a Dona Irma, they added a "ma'am" to show the respectful address). The director, Lucy Walker and Moby (who did the sound) were there for a Q and A. Moby was super chill, very humble, saying he wanted to go for a drink with the whole audience (seriously). Ms. Walker came off less down to earth but definitely passionate about her work. Very enjoyable. Obrigadao!!

Rio Gringa

Beth, that made my day! I'm so glad you were able to see the movie and enjoyed it as much as I did. :)


Vik Muniz also created the sculptural montages for the opening credit sequence current Globo novela, "Passione." One of the social messages in this particular novela is recycling and sustainability, and the drama centers around a family with a metallurgic factory, so Vik, being Vik, created the montages using scrap metal. The opening functions as a sweet little bookend to Lixo Maravilhoso, ou seja, Wasteland.

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