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August 25, 2010



Gasp! Kristen whatever the f$%^ her name is and her crew don’t want to shoot in Rio, a city none of them have probably ever seen, with a language they’ll never speak and a culture they’ll never even care to understand (looking a little thin and pasty on the beach there Kristen?) because of one incident 2 hours from the city they would be filming in. Good, keep em’ out. As if the ability to produce a site where the lame Twilight saga could be filmed were some great measure of success and worthiness. Why does this even need to be mentioned by the media? Don’t they have anything more substantial to report on?


What Rio needs is to stop the phony investment on its image and works strongly on changes that will actually give them a better reputation. Make-up solutions won´t help. Films like "Favela Rising" show the right way to go about doing that. People getting together, showing there is no indifference to the problems, and finding their own solution. Unfortunately, that´s only the beginning. If the government and most of the population really cared about its image, they should work on this - the first step is accepting there is a problem. Isn´t that the first stage on the management of a person who is an alcoholic? AA recommends the people who suffer from adiction to first recognize the problem, right!? Sure is shameful, sure we chose to ignore it. But if you don´t confront the issue, there is nothing to work on. I am not saying this as a "paulista" just to point the finger. This is also my problem, as I am above all a Brazilian. We have plenty of bad problems in here but pretending they do not exist, won´t change anything.

I respect and admire your efforts in trying to help Rio's image, Rachel. They are much needed. However, what is also needed is more of a recognition of the problem - the level of criticism that ignites mobilization. I guess that´s why Brazilian movies keep talking about the same issue over and over. There is a problem, that is the problem. One hopes that people will start mobilizing to start by chosing better politicians, but also by pushing for local solutions to these eternal problems. Because a society that sees this level of violence cannot pretend... this is after all, a war-state.

marcus vinicius

acabou !
it´s over !


Raquel, a Ruth de Aquino escreveu hoje uma texto excelente na coluna da Isto E. De uma olhada. Adoro seu blog mas nem sempre comento. Esse seu post esta otimo.


Marcus, acabou mesmo? Tem certeza? Olha só o que o Gabeira falou:

"O governador diz que há paz no Rio. Eu digo que não, porque por todo lado vejo gente de fuzil, metralhadora, granada... Ele fala sobre 1% das comunidades que estão pacificadas. A maioria esmagadora não está..."


E a prova disso é que enquanto isso o rico gasta maior grana se protegendo do inevitável. E pensar que com metade dessa grana podia ajudar a acabar com a desigualdade da cidade "maravilhosa" - que vive sob ameaças de armas tão singelas como as submetralhadoras!!!

Informe-se aqui:

"Pouco antes dos acontecimentos do último fim de semana no bairro - que tem o IPTU mais caro do Rio - a empresa Blindaço blindou a portaria de um prédio na orla da praia. O valor do trabalho ficou em aproximadamente R$ 34 mil reais e o vidro pode aguentar tiros de submetralhadoras."


E o Rio continua lindo, não é mesmo? É tudo mero exagero. Tá!

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