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July 27, 2010



Sadly, Brazil isn't anywhere on the list of screenings :(


Yes! It was so great to see Tião on the Jô Soares show with all the confidence of a star promoting his latest film. And then he corrects Jô, saying that the catadores don't collect garbage but rather recyclable materials. Next, the look on Jô's face!

Vik Muniz was another star. What an incredible energy he projected. Not a bit of the dark, tortured, egomaniacal artist. He's funny, grateful, smart and so perceptive. He starts poking fun at the way a museum goer zooms in and out of a painting as he studies it, and then uses that image to describe what he considers the most beautiful moment in art, when one thing turns into anther. What a profound insight and one that I'll always take with me.

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