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June 17, 2010



Thanks for consolidating this information. I'm sick of trying to explain how backwardly and unjustly expensive Rio is to people who haven't lived there. I'm also sick of the U.S. twenty-somethings who speak about New York and Los Angeles as if they were the end all and be all of world cities, constantly citing the ability to survive in one of those places as the ultimate litmus test to one's toughness and personal grit. I feel slightly vindicated reading this somehow. I think that the ability to survive in Rio is more of a testament to one's ability to survive anywhere than the ability to survive in New York or Los Angeles.


Well, this definitely is new to me. When I left Brazil, Rio used to be much more affordable than SP. For instance rent, food, etc. I guess all the gringos going to Rio in the past few years might have had an influence in the high price of everything as well. ;-)


Brasilia and sp are far more expensive than Rio...

James Miller

When Brazilians get hot water in their showers on a regular basis then I will consider them a world power.


Carol, people from Brasilia and SP have higher salaries than people in Rio.

Account Deleted

Miller, there are 40 millions houses in Brazil with electrical showers, and high-income houses use gas-powered showers. Even on shantytowns people have electrical showers, since Federal Government pays a great part of bill. Just on remote locations or very very poor houses people havent electrical showers. Have you been in Brazil already?

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