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May 04, 2010


Ryan Whitmore

I read about this "waterfall" and I agree that its a great idea, but you hit the nail on the head - "Rio's beauty lies in its real natural wonders". I think it interrupts the beauty of nature sticking out there like that. Personally I think the extra funds used to have a zero-carbon games (yeah right) might be better spent alleviating some of the problems that made last month's rains so deadly.

Ryan Whitmore


Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

Yeah, that is a nice idea in theory, but I agree with you that the reality of how it would change the natural beauty of the views would be jarring.

Someone was seriously high when they thought THAT one up.


Parabéns pelo blog Gringa, legal o olhar de algúem de fora!!! Quanto ao waterfall, YES it looks weird, mas é acima de tudo uma afronta ao carioca e ao povo brasileiro que em sua maioria, vive em estado de plena miséria. Afinal isso é bem típico do nosso país, muita preocupação com o turista e ignoram o bem estar de quem vive aqui.

mallory elise

wow, it does look weird. like a monolith-esque 2001 space odyssey thing. but, if they do build it, i'm definitely going to go see it :)

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