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February 16, 2010



Leave it to Paris Hilton to embarrass Americans and Brazilians alike. Sigh.


(not so) random fact: according to Monica Bergamo, Cabral introduced Dilma to Madonna as "Brazil's first female president".

it's interesting having celebrities coming, in a hey, you can come, they won't eat you alive or steal your kidneys" sense, but why do I get the feeling Madonna's only here to collect?


Realmente o pior manchete de jornal já escrito. Não é por acaso que foi da Globo.

Rio Gringa

Hey Marina, That is incredibly disturbing. I agree with you about Madonna, I'm kind of scared of her. Plus it pisses me off that she can just waltz in and plop down her "organization" because she is who she is, when it's incredibly difficult for foreign non-profits with excellent track records doing good, honest work to do the same (and actually, it's no cake walk for a Brazilian to set up a non-profit either). In short, it's nice she's giving Brazil publicity, but I'm curious to see what will happen too.


You sure Madonna wasn't there to steal somebody's babies?...watch out--she's done it before!

Ernest Barteldes

I saw that photo of Paris Hilton on O Globo. They should have told her that Devassa is not like Brahma or Antarctica. It's a powerful microbrew with high
alcohol content (I wrote about it on my Brasilians column a few months back). Too bad that the brand's handlers had the idiotic idea of hiring Ms. Hilton
to promote their brand. I thought it was meant for classy beer snobs, not complete airheads. She should have chugged some cheap cachaca instead.


"First Woman President" comment not a rumor at all; check out Cabral saying it [in English no less] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErBtlL0QKuE

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