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October 01, 2009



That film looks incredible! How could this not get picked up for wider distribution (while wild and crazy Finns drinking ayahuasca and eating monkey brains have their own TV show)???

I hope the DVD is available soon, or that it comes to New York...


It's funny that you write about this film because I was actually going to ask you about it. They were having a DR Global Film Festival meeting in my office last week and they were "discussing" including it, but it was mainly just a bunch of asshole machistas screaming about how one of the little boys acted like a "maricon" and that they couldn't show it to children in the DR because it would be like promoting homosexuality. I think the final decision was that they would screen it once specifically for dancers and gays, but that they would not advertise it to the general public. Can you believe that mierda? I cannot stand working for this organization...


I've been meaning to come on here to tell you that this documentary is available on netflix for instant viewing. For any of your readers that haven't had a chance to watch...

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