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September 09, 2009


Roger Penguino

Artigo com incrível discernimento da condição brasileira social. Para aqueles que sempre pensaram que no Brasil não ocorre problemas raciais, aqui encontra-se um ponto de partida para nova reflexão sobre a realidade. Sempre ouvi de amigos Americanos que no Brasil "everyone just gets along" e sempre foi difícil explicar a complexa e sistemática institucionalização do racismo brasileiro. Muitos ao olharam para população brasileira dizem ver uma mistura racial maior que de outros grandes países, mas claro que deixam de perceber os milhares que lutam contra si mesmos porque nesta mistura aprenderam a odiar sua própria condição. Essa própria difusão étnica brasileira trabalha contra uma frente unida contra o racismo. Como poderiam pelejar contra membros da própria família ou outros cidadão que tão nitidamente parecem já ter incorporado o DNA do alheio? Claro que podemos casar e descasar de muitas etnias mas nunca abrir nossa mente às condições de outros. No Brasil existe tal concreta força social que impede mistura sócio-econômica e vinculada ao racismo estes grande dilema sempre são outorgados a outros problemas.


Acho que voce pode extender esse discurso para quase todos os problemas brasileiros, a nossa passividade e'um grande obstaculo pra mudanca politica, social, economica, pra tudo. Aprender a questionar e protestar mais seria uma grande coisa para o povo brasileiro, acho eu.


Great article! Very articulate.

Here is the reaction of brazilians who read it:


As you can see, the authors remarks on Brazil being hierarchical and authritarian went over the head of the Brazilian posters who write saying that lack of command and control and, instead, a society where the individual is free to push his agenda and pursue his interest even if its against the interest of others will insure in "chaos".

Brazilians love order! Its in their flag motto! But "order" doesnt mean rule of law. Order means strict hierarchical harmony with each one knowing where their "place" is. A monolithic absolutist mentality which is completely hostile to individual freedom and civil rights!

Once again congratulations on the fantastic article.


After reading lots of comments written by Brazilians in several different sites I decided to make this list. The types of Brazilian posters youll encounter

1. the nutcase - this guy is a hate machine. He will send death threats. He will write endless streams of insults including racial and sexist remarks. He will post hundreds of these messages a day and will signup for tens of different accounts just in case you block him.

2. the equalizer - this one always counter the critique of something negative about brazil (crime, poverty, corruption, etc) with the argument that its just as bad in the US. However since reality is biased against him, he cant offer any sort of statistics or data that backs his argument. So he resorts to other tactics.

a) the storyteller - this type of equalizer will tell stories of a friend of a friend or a cousin or an uncle who saw this horrible thing while he was visiting the US and this proves the US is as bad as Brazil in "fill in the blank".

b) the projector - this guy is the most ignorant of them all. He knows nothing about American culture and he imagines the US is a bigger more sinister version of Brazil. So for example, Brazilians believe rich people got rich by screwing other people, so if the US is way wealthier than Brazil why then it must have screwed even more people! Same thing with violence (bigger more high tech army), racism (people with fair complexion are even "whiter" so they must act more racist), etc.

3. the derailer - this guy will nitpick anything someone writes in his post critical of Brazil just to change the topic. The usual favorites are starting an argument on the word "american" (no i wont stand it! everyone in the Americas is american! watch me kill the topic and not address any of the points raised!). Another favorite is the word latin (i wont accept this im not latin im european! blah blah blah).

4. the reciter - Brazilians love to say Northern Europeans are cold and robotic. Well it doesnt get more robotic than this guy! He will spit out a stream of information that have nothing to do with the topic being discussed. This information is a collection of facts, lies and distortions. So, for example, there is a discussion on why Brazilians cant take criticism without exploding in anger. Well this guy will post "Hiroshima, Nagasaki! Vietnam War! George Bush! Columbine! Invasion of Amazon! "savage" capitalism! KKK! puppet of Isreal!

There you have it.

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