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August 17, 2009


Ray Adkins

Carrefour must be punished...or they will never learn.
I have personally seen Carrefour security guards beating up some minors that had stolen some articles...
I almost got into trouble when trying to stop the senseless beating, but I called the police and intimidated the men to stop until the police arrived...
The minors were released by the police.
What got me mad is that nobody wants to get involved, nobody would step in and move a finger to help...


Trouble is Ray, that "Have a go Heroes" don't know what they're getting into - especially in Brazil.

On "Na Mira" today, two black youths were beaten by PMs at a concert (and captured on TV film). Instead of using reasonable force to apprehend the youths, they launched an all out assault... kicking, beating with sticks, and even when marching one of the lads away delivering kidney punches.

Sometimes the police are no better than the Security guard thugs!


...I'm seriously shocked. Just... no word. What the hell. It's times like these I know working with human rights is the right and best thing I'd do with my Law School education.

Rio Gringa

Lu, you should work with human rights because you'd be awesome at it!

Also, random thought Eli put out there: there is a definite possibility the security guards were black, too. That doesn't make the crime any better or worse, but it does add a sad twist.


Gringa, why wasnt my post published? I dont remember having made any offense. I just brought up the same possibility that Eli did, and said the problem here is not really racism, but common police violence.

Rio Gringa

Roger, this is the first comment I've received from you on this post, so if you tried before, it didn't go through. Also, this isn't police violence, it's private security guards, and it is a clear cut case of race violence.


How can it be a clear cut case of race violence, and also possible that the security guards are the same race as the victim ?


Pepito, The security guards have the white skin and the victim have black skin. Please read the post before comment.


Sorry, but this information got to mainstream media. i read it myself in oglobo.com. It was widely known here.

Rio Gringa

You'll note if you read carefully that I said "as of publishing time..." there was no story. Incidentally, the mainstream media only caught on WEEKS after this happened, and then the story disappeared. God forbid an act of real racism be made public.

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