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August 14, 2009



When I was in college, we invited Suplicy to give us a lecture. He went. He recited "Homem na Estrada" from Racionais MCs after the lecture. We clapped. Do what? He's not crazy. I can tell. He's just more human and less corrupt than the vast majority.
He's rich because his family is rich, not because he steals. Then we went to a restaurant together (him and we, the seminar organizers) and his cell phone rang. It was his son, Supla, and he was giving Supla some advice like "Supla, vai no comício, ok? Faz este favor pro papai?" hehehe I like him.

Rio Gringa

He seems like a really quirky guy, but in a sweet kind of way. His son is so weird, so the quirky gene must run in the family :)

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