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July 31, 2009



Thanks for the post. What happens after the interview process? Can I jump on a plane back to our home in Brazil the next day? Two days later?

I'm correct that you receive the visa by mail, right?


Hi, great info! thanks! can you please describe how the interview is set up, questions, are they nice or aggresive in the way they approach you? do you have advice to provide?

it is very frustrating and painful because I am missing my fiance so much (it took 5 months to get the interview which is by the end of january, 8 months total to get this process done, I am traveling to brazil for xmas and nyears because it is so sad to be away, I will attend the interview with him, want to make sure that everything works out well, why is it that only when arriving at US he will be granted the permission to enter is like I am not even sure that everything will work out fine until we pass the port of entrance at the airport (IAD)...all comments from people who went through the inerterview are welcome!

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