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June 19, 2009


Daniel J.

LOL!! :-)


Your dog has great taste in hats, just like me :)

When my son was 5 months old, I dressed him in a vasco uniform. My husband put him on his lap, and said "Mengo!" just to make me mad. Then my son kicked him in the n*u*t*s.

I am not kidding!!!!!!!

Ernest Barteldes

Hmm I think your dog might be Fluminense, who knows... Renata (my wife) was "baptized" flamenguista while we were at a bar there. She doesnt even know the obsession Brazilians
have towards soccer. Gotta show her the Wedding of Romeo and Juliet

Lenore Glickhouse

Be honest, as anyone close to Kippy knows, she is really a die-hard Yankee fan. Showing her Brazillian soccer team spirit is her way of being supportive of you.


Hey Rachel,

Is this dog a brazilian dog? what do you have to do to bring a dog from Brazil to the US?

Thank you!


She looks like my dog Isis! What kind of breed is she?
When I walk Isis everybody stops me to ask "what kind of dog is this?", an then I have to explain that in Brazil we have tons of street dogs, and they mix among themselves, so I have no idea of Isis's breed. Most of people says she looks like a Jack Russel, but I've never seen a Jack Russel before I came to Canada.
She probably is a poodle mix, but it's hard to tell because her mother was a mutt living on the streets for years, and Isis and her 6 brothers were rescued when her mother "gave birth".
Isis was born in a hole on the ground at TAM Cargo Airlines.

Rio Gringa

In response to your questions, Kippy is American, and she's a Jack Russell Terrier.

Carlo Tabuchi

"Hmm...she doesn't look too happy. Maybe she's secretly a flamenguista?"
Não, não!!! Definitivamente não. É só porque o Vasco esta na "segundona" por enquanto. Quando subir para a "primeirona", será um cão muito feliz. Continue com seu bom gosto pelo futebol (sou vascaíno também ;-)) e com este excelente blog.


A Kippy é uma cadelinha de excelente gosto! E se ela está usando coisas do Vasco, significa que vc e o Eli são vascaínos! Eeee! =D

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