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February 03, 2009



Argh! "Brazilian Carnaval": that's a smell I don't miss at all.
And it makes me wonder how a "Morrocan Bazaar" should smell...

Fabio A. Mazzarino

We'd like to invite you to go to Minas Gerais street Carnival. I'm sure you won't miss the sweat and piss smells.

Cristiane Amarante Fetter

Que inveja de você, sua casa cheirando a Brasil e a minha cheirando a cookies, rs.


hahahaha! Nunca participei de carnaval, mas da pra imaginar!


hahahaha, i see the commercials for this all the time on tv and all i can think is "yeah! who wouldn't want their home to smell like urine and sweat?"


OMG, Brazilian Carnaval?
It smells like...sweat+piss+beer???

Just Kidding :)


And what if it was "Brazilian Festa Junina" ?
Cachaça, ginger, corn and powder... hummm.. yummy!


It's absurd, isn't it? So many smells in Brazil they could choose from...

Carlos A.

I'm laughing right now.

Rachel, you CAN'T say you know how carnival smells, if you haven't gone to a really 'street carnival'.
Imagine multiplying by at least 10 times what you smell in Rio...



this is so weird, but i can't explain.
i'm a brazilian living in Japan, and dude, sooo weird when i found this entry, especially because i'm from Manaus.
you should go there sometime and check the Carnaval parade in Manaus. awesome!

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