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February 01, 2009



!i miss those rainy days!


Nice pic!!I miss so much that view, my hometown...that even during Armageddon I find it beautiful!!! Thanks for the photo!!


You have no idea how the weather can change in Rio in a matter of minutes. I'm carioca (living in NY!), and I've been through some pretty difficult, not to mention dangerous, situations when storms have hit the city.
YEDDA http://cariocalien.blogspot.com

Silvio Peters

That's common here in Rio on Summer. Nice picture!

Account Deleted

HahahahAhahaha, I loved your blog, Was the funniest view of the problems of Rio, i liked so much. (Sorry my bad english, I´m Brazilian from Belo Horizonte, Minas gerais capital, we would love to have a ''Gringa'' to do the same thing here in Belo Horizonte.) Kisses and thanks.

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