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January 31, 2009



NBC did a great job with the story. They mentioned your name, and displayed a your blog on a computer for about 5 seconds. Eli was in the videos too. You did look kinda miserable in the pouring rain though.

It seems to me that the government and media in Brazil have been corrupted, probably by money. The whole story reeks of it, especially once the lawyer and his dad come into it.

Also, just as an impartial viewer, David seemed nervous and fidgety in front of the camera. He was just probably riled up and angry for having to tell his story over and over without getting results. But, still, it was noticeable.

lisa pilgrim

Good Job!!! Your doing the right thing and you will be blessed for it!!! I'm so angry that I will never consider traveling to Brazil. I have traveled around the world and after seeing the Dateline show I will NEVER go. It's frightening and can happen to anybody. Keep up the good work, YOU ROCK!!!!


What an interview this was. The story broke my heart. I hope and pray that Sean is returned to his amazing father.


Thank you for helping Sean's father...PLEASE don't give up and DO EVERYTHING you can there in Brazil to help bring Sean home..His father needs you and needs your help. God Bless you..


Why don't you encourage your American readers to write to President Obama and other representatives (make sure to include an address) asking for their support and intervention on this case. It seems to me that this case will never end unless high powers get involved. Also, you could set up a day asking for everyone in the blogsphere to blog about bringing Sean Home. We all need to get involved in this. This is so shameful.


I just watched the interview on NBC. I am a dual citizen (Brazilian/American) and I have two beautiful daughters (like Sean, also dual citizens by birth) and I can't imagine the ordeal that David is going through. I have been following David's story for a few months now, ever since a friend in Georgia told me about it. It breaks my heart every time I see him talk about it and it was especially difficult to listen to David talking to Sean on the phone during the interview. I am utterly ashamed of the Brazilian judicial system!

Please keep trying to get this story televised in Brazil!


Just saw Dateline and had to look up your blog. I was so shocked and angry to hear this story. I hope Sean is home soon. This is just unbelievable!


I'd like to think this attention from the American media will shame Globo into covering the Goldman case, but I'm too cynical these days to believe that.

Lisa's response is understandable, I guess, but it's not the Brazilian people who are keeping Sean from his father -- unless you want to blame the general apathy of the population for allowing this type of corruption to continue. The country is controlled by a small political and journalistic elite, much of which goes back generations, and they are the gatekeepers of the information that the public receives. If it's not on Globo or not in Folha de S. Paulo, it might as well not exist. This tragic case highlights how even foreigners aren't immune from the deplorable treatment that the average Brazilian experiences from their government, but it's no reason to not visit the country.


Thanks for bringing attention to this case. I can't imagine the pain that David is experiencing, and the helplessness. I'm sure he appreciates your help and hopefully this Dateline show will help too.


Jon's observations seem right on target. While watching it occurred to me that their are powerful people in all countries who need to assert their influence and belief that they are invulnerable to the rule of law and any moral code we use as a general standard. At the moment, the impeached governor of Illinois comes to mind as well as Madoff and dare I say it, Bill Clinton.

I also kept thinking that given the facts presented, the U.S. government could clearly intervene at the highest levels. The tragedy is that Sean is the pawn in this saga and in the end, his life has been hurt that most.

Rachel, you are carrying on the traditions of the Glickhouse family going back to when your great aunts and uncles supported Paul Robeson, back in the day, and some of your younger relatives who opposed in the Vietnam War.

Of course, you are the only one who blogged her way to notoriety.


Somehow Rachel my attempt at commenting did not go through. Try again.

Jon's observations seem right on target. My experience is that in all countries there are powerful and influential individuals who believe they are above the rule of law and a standard moral code. My examples of these people who believe they are invulnerable to these are the impeached governor of Illinois, Madoff, and dare I say it, Bill Clinton.

Rachel, you walk in the genetic shadow of the Glickhouse tradition of protest for truth, justice, and decency. There were your great aunts and uncles who supported Paul Robeson, back in the day; and there are your cousins and aunts and uncles who opposed the Vietnam War.

The sad part is that Sean is the pawn in this saga and he stands to lose the most. The solution seems to lie in having the U.S. media publicizing the matter and the U.S. government intervening at the highest levels.


I'm so glad that Dateline aired the story! I had forgotten that it was going to be on, and then I saw your Twitter update. So I quckly changed the channel, and I was like..."Hey! I know her!...Kinda!". lol. But it was great to see you guys out there getting the word to the Brazilians. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for Globo!


After watching Dateline and learning about this story, all I have to say is thanks for helping!


Dear Rachel,
I am here to praise you work! I am a brazilian/american living in Florida. I cannot express enough how ASHAMED and DISGUSTED I am for learning what happened with David and Sean.
I watched Dateline last night and I believe what you are doing is amazing. Please, don't stop! Keep making waves in Rio until it becomes a tsunami...I have a feeling that after last night, it will.
Being from Brazil, I know how politics and media are involved in this case. If Rede Globo or other outlets - the ones that can be controlled by Organizações Globo or the ones that are afraid of the major lawsuits brought by the Lins e Silva family - are insisting in not letting the public know what's going on, it's up to us to let the information be spread around over the Internet, word of mouth, friends and family.
Also, there are other media conglomerates that could rival Globo: SBT, Record TV and Rede TV. They have a variety of programs and shows that could reach the masses. I have a feeling that the pressure will only get stronger and the steam will start blowing up soon.


Here is an idea I don't know if you can do it or if it will work. Set up a TV in a public place and play the video or make a video yourself in the native language and make lots of copies and have it played in bars and local hang outs? Keep up the great work, I just wish I was there to help!

Michael Kitchen

Thank you for your continued good help with this tragedy.

I must say that it is clear that citizens who condone a corrupt judiciary are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

This situation has once again shown the stupidity of getting involved with a foreign national. No good can come of such a thing. Different societies create people raised with different mindsets, and they cannot usaully be reconsiled to others.

In this case, it has brought to light the seriousness of even traveling to foreign countries. I will have nothing to do with Brazil until such a time as its people decide to do what is right and stand up for the creation of a morally-correct judiciary, free of the corrupting influence of wicked priviledge.

Even Evian Gonzales was sent back to Cuba to be with his father after a relatively short period of time. Our US judiciary did not require years to determine the correct thing to do.

I believe economic sanctions are in order, and I believe travel to Brazil should be curtailed until this tragedy is corrected and the wicked family of Lins e Silva is prosecuted and serving time for their international kidnapping, along with all the judges who supported their criminal activities.

I strongly suggest you come home before you get caught for some unforseen reason. You may think you understand the local thinking, but you don't if you weren't raised there. Don't fool yourself. Better safe than sorry.

Thanks again.

V. Abbott

Your an amazing girl sticking your neck out in this corrupted, pathetic country for David Goldman's son. Just another reason to get the word out around the world how dangerous Rio really is. Lu Lu knows what is going on and he still turns his head. Our president Obama will help to get David's son out and I have no doubts it will be soon. Until then please watch yourself, becasue you are putting your life on the line in this country.

Curt T


Has anyone discussed filing a motion in a Brazilian Court, against Joao Paulo Lins e Silva, for kidnapping? Yes, it may go nowhere but could possibly get a hearing. There, David could present his case angainst Joao Paulo and seems like there is plenty of evidence to prove the kidnapping charge.

Are there any Brazilian Attorney's reading this? Could it work?


Maria Gloria Snell

Guys, do not waste your time trying reason with the Brazilian judicial system, when rich people are involved in Brazil, they always win. I can tell you, I am a Brazilian American woman, I have 4 Americans grandchildren, they cant not visit Brazil because, the loser father that lives in Rio, promises to keep them there. guess what.!!1 My daughter and I will never let them go there untill they become adults. I feel so sorry for David Goldman, this is so unfair,I"ll do anything in my power to help him to win this battle. I am disgusted with the Brazilian judicial system,We have to get the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT involved in this case. Enough is enough, Let's bring SEan home Now. Thank you Rachael for you support. You go girl

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