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December 20, 2008





Hi, Rachel. I am a brazilian public servant living in San Francisco for the last 9 months. Do you know that here they (american businessmen, i believe) are selling a crappy celebration plate with Obama´s face? It is called Historic Victory Plate. Check it out: http://www.victoryplate.com/?directLoad&uid=8CCDD95800D78B28869D7B707CF6612A
It is ridiculously funny. As ridiculous as Batata´s billboard. American people can be so silly, sometimes. For instance: when they happen to go abroad, like you did, they are surprised that the world is so "unamerican". It is fun and sad at the same time, seeing people like you, astonished that brazilian are, for some reason, different from american! Get real, we are different not only to american, but the rest of the other nationalities. And so are the british, aussies, chinese, etc. Expecting the other people of the world to behave like your fellow citizens behave is a trace of your culture. It is called chauvinism. If I had time, I would make 10 things you better get used to in USA. Happy holidays!

Carlos Andrade

LOL [2]

I don't know how to translate it, but that's an example of what we call "vergonha alheia". It's when people have absolutely no sense or shame, and do things that leave you feeling shameful for them...

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