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December 19, 2008



Hi, Rachel

I've been reading your blog for a while now [and loving it] and I finally decided to post a comment... Let me introduce myself, my name is Mariana, I'm 23, Brazilian and I've been living in Los Angeles for over a year now.

I really like to read your opinions about Brazil, they are really interesting and I agree that you learn more about your country and your own culture when you're living abroad. I just have to say that this post was amazing, you said everything that I've always wanted to say and just couldn't find the right words or good examples! I'm gonna show this to all my American friends!

mallory elise

i think the other danger done by americans aside from thinking about stereotypes, is not thinking at all (cough cough me)question: "mallory, what do you think about brazil?" (mallory) "uh, I don't. I don't think about it at all." question: "do you know anything about brazil?" (mallory): "uh, the capital is Brasilia and that's about it." so you see, that was where i was...no stereotype thoughts, but rather no thoughts at all...perhaps that is worse.


I think Juliana Paes is a little overdressed for the Carnival in that picture. :)

But when you say "Rio's Carnival celebration is the best known of all Brazilian celebrations in Gringolandia" it raises the question: Why is that so?
In other words, I'm asking: Is the stereotype so strong because Carnival is so well known outside Brazil or is Carnival so famous because of the stereotype people already have about Brazil?
Maybe a little of both...


This was a good one. I rememebr a lot of my female executive students feeling frustrated about how they had a hard time being seen as profesisonal when they worked abroad becuase of this stereotype

Andy of HoboTraveler.com

Hello, this was a great post, what I look for in a Travel Blog. You explain the idosyncracies of culture. You contrasted Europe swimwear to Brazil. I remember the first time I went to Rio, I was expecting some topless beaches.

I spent about six months in Brazil, for sure the girls are not easy, they are an independent culture. I do suppose the number of working girls in Rio propositioning men does give it a bad name.

I subscribed to your blog, I enjoy the list of reasons you have, for example on Dominican Republic.

Thanks from Andy of HoboTraveler.com Travel Blog in Guatemala

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