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November 20, 2008




I'm astonished to think that there are people out there that don't like Brazil. It just makes me so mad to think about it I just punched the wall. Well, I guess that just proved your point.

This is so retarded.




Damn right. We're all predictable that way.

(But to be honest, I think I'd place #10 far higher up on the list. Even reading it made me wince.)

alex castro

sou bem calminho... só a 6 e a 3 me irritam... :)


lol Great. Maybe some day you could make a similar list of ways to piss off Americans. I have the impression I'd do those sort of things unknowingly.

Rio Gringa

Cleyton, are you honestly still reading this blog? Please stop torturing yourself.


"4. Declare your love for Argentina, Argentines, Boca Juniors, or Maradona."

Never gonna happen if you talk to an Englishman. We don't hold a grudge about The Falklands War (we realise it was started to draw attention away from domestic problems in Argentina - plus we won) ...

...BUT we will NEVER forgive Maradona for his "hand of God" goal - an illegal (but unpenalised) handball by Diego Maradona in the quarter-final match of the 1986 FIFA World Cup between England and Argentina!!!

mallory elise

of ive done the buenos aires is capital one before--just to piss someone off. hehehehehehe.


I'd add one more to your Top Ten:

# 0: Ask a Brazilian if he/she knows anything about WWII and suddenly interrupt him/her adding "Oh yeah! Brazil was on WWII, right? On the Axis side, right?"


wtg ! concordo !


Some of these are right on, I hate to admit it, but I get pretty angry if someone criticizes Brasil...I feel like Brazilians can do it, I do it. But not anyone else. Childish, I know... haha :D

I would like to see "Top 10 ways to piss of an American" too.


Say the rainforest belongs to everybody


It is nice to see a way of looking Brazil by a foreigner. I guess your list is somewhat right. Your blog is getting better and better.

Ballerina Girl

OMG...too funny!
I found you through Marina, and this is so funny...
I am living in Brazil also...it is an amazing country but very strong on their rights/beliefs/proudness of country, etc..
You hit it on the nail.
Come and visit sometime soon!!!

Tim Stackhouse

The best part of that for me was that you could reverse about half of those or add some sort of Brazilian thing and get the exact same reaction out of an Argentine

Tim Stackhouse

The best part of that for me was that you could reverse about half of those or add some sort of Brazilian thing and get the exact same reaction out of an Argentine

Westcoast Philly

Here are a couple more:

My Brazilian friends get pretty ticked off here in Japan when non-Brazilians assume Brazil is exactly like City of God/Men or Tropa de Elite. Favela this or favela that, etc.

Another related one is to call an area a favela that has actually been upgraded to a communidade. My Brazilian fiancee managed to offend some people the last time she was in Rio because she had no idea that the favela close to her neighbourhood had been upgraded in status.

Bia Mendonça

Definetely when people come to me and start to speak spanish makes me very mad! :P



If a gringo/a find out I'm a Brazilian and tell me: Hey! Brazil! I speak Spanish. I reply: Good for you. So what???


Again just to say it's funny. Very funny (LOL). Tell me now how to piss of Americans. Yep! ;D


i hate when people say that my mother tongue is spanish or that i am portuguese.
it's so hard to make them understand that "portuguese" is not only a person who was born in portugal, but it is also the language that we speak in brazil. Ok, said that they tell me: "ah, so you are portuguese..."

I don't know how brazilian i am because i really don't care about the world cup (or soccer in general), i like argentinians and i love buenos aires!
all right, the rest you have said is true...


Don't worry, Greg, we haven't forgiven Maradona for that goal either--Brazil wasn't playing, but it's still the first thing that comes to mind when he's mentioned.


LOL. Look at this Rachel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JffmWtjxVq8


Yeah.. never say to us that the rainforest belongs to everybody.


Yeah.. never say to us that the rainforest belongs to everybody.

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