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October 19, 2008



41+ comments from brasilians about that silly soap opera poster controversy.

I don't want to believe that brasilians could possibly be this insensitive, self centered, self-selfish and lazy.

COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!! A father and son are 1KM apart from each other in the ZONA SUL area of Rio de Janeiro after being separated for 4 years!!!! David is literally aching... NO dying inside to see him. WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!


Rachel, I respect your anger... But I'm just guessing that all the people who would get their hair and feet wet weren't in Rio, and you're not disgusted at brazilians in general, you're just frustrated. I know I am embarassed... embarassed that such an obvious problem is being treated like that by our justice. Just give the boy back to his dad for god's sake! I mean, the mom is not even alive anymore to fight for him! And even if she was, this should have been solved ages ago. But like you said, US embassy or whoever should take care of it or represent David isn't doing much either (as far as I know, or as far as you've been telling us).
Believe me, we care. We're also disgusted to have people like this lawyer as one of us, to have a system that works very slowly and inefficiently... We just happen to be in another state. We just happen to be the ones that can only sit here and pray that Sean can go home as soon as possible.
Now, have you ever tried to seek help with other shows on TV? Like these afternoon shows? I know they aren't the most reliable thing and don't get as much audience as Fantastico. But that's an exposure and I think anything should be tried now. Just an idea.


Oh, I forgot to say that we also pray that this lins e silva monster dies in jail (or right now maybe, to make things easier).


quando deixei o Brasil há 9 anos atras, foi fugindo de toda essa cretiniçe, falta de lei e "covardiçe" que assola o pais. No Brasil a lei é pra quem pode, infelizmente.
Nao desista !

M :)

I can understand why you're upset. Rio is big enough that there should have been more people at your event, rain or not. Someone should have organized more of these events a long time ago, and the fact that someone didn't makes me even more upset. I believe that Americans will need to step in to finally Bring Sean Home.


Im sorry :/ The injustice of it all is unbelievable!! I ache for that little boys family, i just would never in a million years have guessed something like this could happen...


Rachel, stop right now insulting us. While I understand your frustration, calling my fellow citizens insensitive and self-centered is innappropriate and downright stupid. I've been reading your blog frequently, have emailed friends and family about David's case, helping to raise awareness. But while I cannot even begin to explain why your supporters failed to show up (I would have but I live in DC) it gives you NO reason to insult a people in general. STOP IT! All you are accomplishing right now is promoting a negative view of Cariocas and Brazilians and turning your supporters away. I am disgusted too. Disgusted by how you handle your frustration.


I really sympathise with your frustration, and I have to say I have felt this way a numerous amount of times. I'm a human rights defender living and working in Rio, and not only people mostly don't give a damn about what I do, they also don't take me seriously, or, sometimes, are actually against it.

If you analise Brazilian history you might be able to understand what happened today. The amount of times when the people got together for what they wanted or what they thought was right was very, very low. Even during the thirty years our dictatorship lasted most people didn't do anything about it, but a small, brave group were the ones that tried to overcome the government.

While I understand that David's story is indeed sad and frustrating, I guess one can also look around and see stories all over Rio that are much worse. Mothers lose their children to Rio's violence everyday, and no one does anything about it. It's sad, but it's the truth.

You know, sometimes I wonder if people would do something about it if they had the chance. Something to make the world a little bit better. I don't want to lose the hope that they will, because, if I do, I may just stop working myself to exhaustion everyday for free, fighting for the rights of others.

Now, please, don't say we don't care. There are fucked up people all around, and Brazilians are no less different. There is a lot in our culture and story that explains (but doesn't justify) some of the apathy some Brazilians may feel towards human rights violations all over the country. However, I know good, brave people that have been fighting to make the world better. Good, brave Cariocas that are currently risking their lives for kids to stop selling their bodies for money and taking drugs on the street. Good, brave, kind Brazilians who are working 12 hours a day trying to bring some sort of justice into the world.

And I feel glad, with my hope in humanity restored to know there are people like you in the world, people who try to make it a little bit better, one step at a time. I wish David all the luck in the world.


PS: It's late, and I'm tired. Sorry for any weird English mistakes. I just read my comment again and noticed a few.


Hey Cleyton.. GO FUCK YOURSELF. If you can read every single one of her very specific points and NOT be disgusted than you are part of the problem.

This business of foreigners speaking about issues and problems in Brasil and then all hell breaks loose has got to stop! The same thing happened to a very good friend of mine who is a pro-volleyball player and came to brasil. She posted on her personal blog about problems she witnesses and brasilians all freaked out. So much so that she deleted her blog and will probably never return. I just hope Rachel doesn't end up on the same path.

ali la loca

Hi Rachel,

It's admirable that you have thrown yourself behind this cause, and that you are fighting to brign awareness to the situation on the brasilian side.

I understand how a blog can be a wonderful tool for venting, for releasing uncensored frustration and not worrying about being politically correct.

However, there is a fine line to walk between candidly using your blog to express your emotions and experiences, and trying to use it as a legitimate source of information and a means to mobilize people. In my opinion, using words like Evil to describe Mr. Lins e Silva, however much it may perfectly reflect your view of him, takes away from the seriousness of the work you are trying to accomplish. Maybe write the post and then lock it, so that only you and your very close family/friends can access it? Maybe keep a separate place for your uncensored writings?

Also, in the spirit of you moderating your comments and deleting/not publishing the ones that are nasty towards you - I think it would be nice to also apply that policy to others who are aggresive in their comments (i.e. James above, towards Cleyton). It's certainly your right to publish what you please, but a direct attack of "Go Fuck Yourself" is not very productive from my point of view.

Good luck with everything, and my advice to you would be to remember that, as they say in Portuguese, "o buraco é bem mais em baixo."


Rita B.

Rachel. I agree with the description of the Lins e Silva family as the human incarnation of evil. It is how David describes them below, and it is an appropriate characterization. David Goldman's horror is on an individual level; however, the average Brazilian who is standing by idly letting this happen, can be compared with other groups throughout history who stood by silently allowing evil to manifest itself in front of their eyes.

"So once again I’m in Brazil without any contact with my son, while his kidnappers go about their daily lives unscathed. I will not give up. I am not sure how long I will remain in Brazil. I just can not believe that such EVIL and illegal behavior with complete and flagrant disregard for my son as well as for the Brazilian, U.S. and international law can continue. I will keep everyone posted. I will not give up on my son……EVER!"


You know what ali la loca. You are almost as bad. Don't encourage Rachel to delete offensive comments. I realize that my comments ARE extremely aggressive and offensive. It's called anger. Anger at this injustice and now incensed that anyone could be concerned with anything other than re-uniting this family. We American's have to listen to the world constantly bitch and moan about American policies, American attitudes and sometimes even American people and Brasilians are quite ready to join in regularly to that game. I 100% agree with most of these complaints and the manner in which they are expressed. In fact I think it has motivated many Americans to try and change things. Hopefully because of these complaints in two weeks Americans will have elected Obama to the White House and we can begin a new era in American foreign relations. By the sound of Obama's record 150 million dollar fund raising haul in Sept. it appears many American also agree.

Now it's time for Brasilians to open their minds, open their ears and put their passion and energy to work. This is NO TIME for nationalistic pride. You should be commending Rachel and agreeing with ever single one of her points and asking how you can help. Asking her to silence this debate is the exact opposite of what needs to happen. ALSO just because you are in another city doesn't mean you can't get off your ass and organize a local protest to inform the public and spread this story or start a letter writing campaign.. at the VERY least send emails and spread the word on ORKUT.


Oi Rachel,
Talves voce pode promover essa causa, contactando esse blog (http://bloglog.globo.com/ticosantacruz/#). O rapaz tem muita audiencia, escreve muito bem e poderia colocar um post la sobre o assunto. Tente contacta-lo ! Nao perca as esperanças. Outra forma de se fazer ouvir é orgnizar todos os blogs, pra uma blogagem coletiva. Eu entraria nela, com certeza.


I'm sorry to hear about this, Rachel. Mobilizing people in Brazil without the aid of mainstream media is very hard, my guess is that most of us feel that we can't change things. We're sort of jaded, for the lack of a better definition, we have a hard time believing that our voice will be heard so it doesn't really matter if we protest. Look at all the absurd problems that we have to live with everyday, look at the violence, the corruption, abandonment... how come haven't people revolted yet? We're pretty tamed and it's sad.

Maybe you're having a slow start right now, but if you get more people to promote this cause you might get things going, little by little... If the major networks are too afraid to embrace your cause maybe you should seek other medias, other bloggers, and try to keep going with this. Yes, people shouldn't only start caring about a subject after it's been validated by the media, but if your goal is to raise awareness and help the kid you might need to play this game. I hope some "peixe grande" embraces the cause, that would help immensely.

Rita B.


Have you thought about organizing a peaceful protest outside the Brazilian Embassy in DC. Have you made the Brazilian ambassador in the US aware of your concern? Instead of directing your disgust at Rachel, why don't you do something productive?

3009 Whitehaven St NW
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 238-2828

Dr. E


mallory elise

i have a feeling though that if you organized this same event i dunno, in downtown san diego, the same thing would happen. people always flake out no matter what it is. so i guess it just means brazilians and americans are alike, people are people. it just means if this type of event didnt work, then try something else. don't give up!


who exactly asked rachel to stop her efforts or silence herself?
i criticized they way she generalized and insulted brazilians. but u know what? go right ahead. see how far you get by insulting ppl and telling them to go fuck themselves.
i also read david's blog. though he is perplexed by the injustice and ineffectiveness of the brazilian judicial system i can't find a post where he expresses his anger and frustration towards the brazilian ppl. that is because that takes the focus away from his efforts. like what was accomplished here.


David is a victim of injustice at the hands of a very rich and despicable family as well as the Brazilian and US authorities who've failed to properly intervene. It's a very sad situation and I think your effort to draw attention to it is noble.

HOWEVER, as we all know, the occurrence of injustice and tragedy in Rio is astronomical and cariocas have lived with it for generation upon generation. Coping with hardship is part of being a carioca and their coping skills are a little more advanced than yours and mine.

It's naive to expect to rally a loud public outcry for a little boy that's being held by his ultra-rich stepfather. I'm sure most people sympathize with David's story but it's just one of many tragedies that take place in Rio everyday and as far as tragedies go, let's face it, they've seen much worse. If cariocas got together to protest every time they faced an injustice they wouldn't have time for anything else.


Quarenta e seis trabalhadores
Foram, ontem, resgatados
Do antro de uma fazenda
Que semeia desertos
De homens e de areia!
Comendo raízes, bebendo lodo
E trabalhando,
Trabalho escravo, diz o jornal.
Sinto-me vazio
Quase um deserto
Quarenta e seis vezes vazio,
Inútil e fútil!
Neste solitário(solidário?) ofício
De constatar,
Só constatar.
Desculpe amor!
Meu olho chora
E não é por você,
Nem por mim,
Tenho certeza,
Nem pelo mundo.
Nem choro é,
Um cisco?
- Paulo Vilmar (Psicoterapia Analítica) do Caldo de Tipos


Why are you living in Rio? Why don't you go back to your country?


Why are you living in Rio? Why don't you go back to your country?


Why are you living in Rio? Why don't you go back to your country?


Hi Rachel
It was great meeting you during this past weekend.
Thanks for heading this initiative to help David. As his friend, I can guarantee he really appreciated all of your efforts to make this story public.
Although the sadness and frustration are the only feelings I have in what regards David's case, meeting people like you guys -who were able to get soaked on a Sunday morning while distributing fliers at Ipanema- makes me believe we can change this creepy world.
I know it hasn't happened as you planned, but it was a start, and now I also feel we can hold hands and make it happen again and again...until Sean is back to David.

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