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October 27, 2008



Nice logo!! Hope you have fun at your party!!

Ivan Lima

Olá Raquel!Quero deixar bem claro que sou gaúcho de Santa Maria-RS e vivo aqui nesta cidade, mas aprendi a amar o Rio de janeiro, o modo de vida a benevolência e o charme das cariocas, tudo isso muito mais do que as gaúchas. Confesso, as Gaúchas são lindas, mas acredito que falta a expontaneidade e o bronzeado das cariocas.

Marilia Marques

Hello Raquel, how are you doing? I saw your blog at Yahoo. I'm not an important blogger, au contraire, but I would love to join the party.Or at least say hi to you. I'm not from Rio, but I adopted the city.;)

Cesar Novaes

For some reason I came across with your blog. I dont know who you deal with in Rio or where you live there but I never read such a bunch of nonsense. I have been living in Atlanta-USA for almost 15 years and I am still not able to generalize americans and the city where I live. As a foreigner I know one thing we are all share the same common ground: human nature. Anyway I hope you continue to entertain the ones who wants to be taught what they already know. By the way I don't know why but americans always ask me if I like here?

fabio oliveira

hi!!! i am living in jersey for about 4 years , i am brazilian i saw your blog at yahoo and i;m like to enjoy the party .

see u .

Luiz with a Z

"Rêitchel", :)
I'm so happy to have you as a quasi-neighbor, if you get the concept. Just dropped by Yahoo, saw the tip about your blog and I'm flipping out here. It's just lovely to see a good soul down from a country so relevant yet so stygmatized by that governing elite.
Please, head on to Rua México, downtown, on the 4th of November and grab your ballot to show this old WASP elite what a new generation is capable of.
Love from Copacabana (born and raised),

P.S.: Please get to know the used book and record store (and vinyl-playing DJ house, and gig venue, and literature clube etc. etc.) Baratos da Ribeiro, in Copa. It's worth lots of visits. No, I'm not the owner. He's just my friend. :D

Rio Gringa

Hi guys, sorry but the party is strictly for the blogger/tech community. If I have a Rio Gringa meet and greet I'll be sure to announce it.

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