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August 28, 2008



Don´t forget my two favorites:

Picnic (pick-ee nick-ee)
Milkshake (Milkee shaykee)

Ha ha!


One of my favorites
Rottweiler = hotch vi la


That sounds more like a good carioquêxxxxx.


Rock 'n Roll - Hock 'n Holl

Aline Tanaka

Have you ever try to ask Ranch in any McDonald's? If not, try it. It should be interesting.


hehehehehehe... meu marido tambem morre de rir com a deturpaçao do ingles na terra brazillis.


música hippie hoppie (hip hop)
música heggie (reggae)


diet coke= coca laiytch



coh - gah - chee: Colgate


Oh fun stuff! I love anything that starts with the letter R, like Robert Redford (Hoberch Hedford). And, in Minas Gerais anyway, they put a strong "eee" sound at the end of any hard consonant that ends a word. So rock becomes hockee, the sound a clock makes (tic-toc) is cheeky-tockee, and my husband, Eric, is Earikee.


A red hat is a "had rat".
And Britch-nay Spears pays for things using mo-nay. She writes reminders on pos-cheechs.
And skaters wear sleepy-on Vans.


How about bigue broder? Ha! But even after so many years in the US there are things I still can't pronounce right. For example, I can't say year without sounding just like ear (to me there is no difference in sound anyway). My 6 year old thinks it is funny. Also any word with "th" becomes an issue.


or how about homey te-ah-cher (home theater)?


Someone already mentioned the colgate (colgat-chee), that is my favorite.
I also like
Poppy Hocky (Pop Rock)
Fonjee (Fondue)
Yasa Apsa (Lhasa Apso - the dog)
Crockees (Crocs)


I just must add on:

shtopee (aka stop) haha love it!


Titanic - tee- tan - ee- kee


Do you realize "texaco" is nahuátec + english; fondue is french; Lhasa Apso is chinese and rottweiller is german? Do you speak those words like they are spoken in their native languages?



I love how americans, australians and europeans loves to say:

RIO DI JANEIRO (Rio de Janeiro)
BATOFOGO (Botafogo)
FLAMINGO (Flamengo)
SAO PAOLO (São Paulo)
CARNIVAL (Carnaval)
Oh-bree-gaw-doo (Obrigado)
Compreendes (oops, that's spanish)



My cunhada asked me if I was using link ah jean the other day, and she was saying Linked In...of course, my American pronunciation was equally hilarious to her. You definitely have to leave your shame on the side when learning a language--Português definitely calls for some sounds that are just hard to make for an English-speaker and vice versa! Graças a Deus to my patient Brazilian friends & family :)

Eduardo Marques

Wait, Hyundai is not English, it's japanese. And the Brazilian pronounciation is lots more similar to Japanese than the English one.


Halls (cough drops)i heard my fiance pronounce it like hawl-lees.Eu preciso de hawlees...LOL.I laughed and told her the right way to say it.But every one in Brazil says hawl-lees.

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