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May 14, 2008



Exactly, you explained everything. And also because we don't always know all the sordid details of all the "cold-blood" murders that happens in the favelas. I mean, who knows if another "Isabella" wasn't killed yesterday at Rocinha? We might never get to know her. But this one represents all of them, all of those children who get abused (or killed) by their parents and we have nothing to do but watch and get our anger out when we do get to know something. I wouldn't go as far as saying that I HOPE he dies in prison but seriously, I wouldn't mind if he was beaten, abused, and by now, I just really hope he never gets out and that he suffers a lot physically, because a monster like that has no feelings. I don't know if anybody ever talked to you about it, but in Brazil, we have the "prison" justice... which means that a rapist, a person who abuses a woman or a child or kills a child will have way more than hell to pay in prison, anyway. And THAT'S why we have separate cells for the muderers of Isabella.

Ravi Wallau

Really nice comment about what happened, and what they wrote in Veja is pretty much a very real thing.

Nice blog, by the way. It's nice to see Brazil from the eyes of a "gringa" :-).

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