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April 06, 2008



Way to go, Ms. Movie Reviewer!! Though I am shocked, SHOCKED, that it takes a CANADIAN (!!) to get a New York City Girl to approach a 'movie star.' Where is your city savvy???

Also, this movie sounds like the 3 million dance/romance American movies we've seen over the years, no???


just a hint, next time don't give away the movie ending. :/


Actually, its ok to give away the ending in a blog... you are supposed to have a
"SPOILER ALERT" right above the plot giveaways.


Hello, and congratulations for the review. I've just seen that film at the local film festival here and your "spoiler" just cleared up my doubts I still had. It's though sometimes hard to understand for intermediate Portuguese speakers I think..warm regards, and interesting blog btw!

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