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February 15, 2008



This has GOT to be the most disgusting alleged comestible I have ever seen.




Eca! I really don't know how people can eat this...

Randy Paul

I've got to agree with you Rachel. Every time I see soeone eating a hot dog in Brazil, I wince.

daniel @ garanhuns

The "hot dog" has to be the most regionally adapted food I have found in Brazil. Everywhere I go, it is different. For the most part, in the South and MOST of Sao Paulo, you get the "American" type of dog, the 'frankfurter' with variations on the toppings and presentations. Here in Garanhuns, it is more like a Sloppy Joe, kinda like ground meat, looks like Cuban "picadillo" with all sorts of stuff mixed in. Haven't encountered it with an egg yet. I did find the eggs on hamburgers though.


These people have no idea what they're talking about when they say how nasty/gross that looks... you have NO idea until you actually eat one!! The best freaking hot dog I've EVER had. Theres a small little hamburger/hot dog stand down the street from my in-laws, I would do anything to bring that here!!


Yes, don't even doubt it - the Brasilian hotdog rocks!!!! Those who scoff obviously have never scoffed one!!

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