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February 02, 2008



Yikes! I'm feeling sweaty and anxious just reading this!
I think I'd prefer to see a bloco from my second story apartment, looking down from my window!


u are such an American.

In case you didn't know, today there is something a lot bigger than carnival!!!

SUperbowl XLII, Giants vs. patriots. Boston Vs. New york!!!
u better watch

its really crazy here... can't wait for the game.


Olá, descobri seu blog há pouco tempo e achei-o muito interessante. Moro no interior de São Paulo mas viví por quase quatro anos no bairro do Flamengo, zona sul do Rio de Janeiro. Voê fala com propriedade e é referência básica para estrangeiros querendo visitar a cidade.

Como diz o meu chefe (americano): this is a way to kick an ass!! Keep it up!

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