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January 05, 2008



beware of the big brother craze that will hit the country in a couple of days...


No way!!! I think you are making this up. It's not even possible to put that much food-type stuff on top of a scrawny little dog....

Tell me it's a joke...


La Gringa

You've inspired me to write about Honduran hot dogs:

"And I thought ketcup and mayo was bad..."

I guess the html link to my article won't work, but I linked back to your blog.

Honduran hot dogs are nothing compared to Brazilian, except maybe in the bad taste!

Thanks for the laugh.


"Wait, sir... thats my haaaaand!!"
Im brazilian, but, jesus, I don't like these gororobas either. not everybody likes that dog. If you are impressed, you should see sarapatel being prepared. You'd be shocked.


Gag me. Raisins, green olives, peas, and mayo? Plus all the rest? That's the nastiest combination I've ever thought about.

I like just plain American all-meat hotdogs. A bun and some mustard. Is the taste of the hotdog that bad that they have to smother it out with all that other stuff? Actually, Peruvian hotdogs ARE that bad...

lenore glickhouse

You have to get that boy to NYC for a kosher hotdog, sans all the junk! Just good beef, deli mustard, sauerkraut, and maybe some relish...I may even stop off at Katz's on my way home...


I'm brazilian also and I don't eat that thing, as you said, it's really disgusting.


Wait a minute!!!! Your hotdogs with just a bun and mustard are just so plain and boring! On our hot dogs you can add up as many or as few ingredients as you like.

Another Gringa

Yum!! I want some of that right now. Speaking of "most disgusting" try watching people eating pikles with peanut butter.

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