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October 28, 2007



A food critic now! Wow. Don't forget to make your bed too.

You mean the food in our country is not good? What about Wendy's or Subway? Right they have those in Brasil.

Ok, here it is going down to about 40 degrees tonight. Think about that. Frost up near Poughkeepsie.

lenore glickhouse

Your food pictures made me hungry! More importantly though, congratulations on Balance making such a big splash at GW. You worked long and hard to bring it to the respected and professional level it has achieved, and you should be proud. You may have a career as a dance director or impressario yet!
If you get comments from people you don't know who seem to know you, it's because I keep passing your blog onto my friends...
Enjoy the warmth...the temperature keeps dropping here and I think we've finally gotten into a delayed fall.



beste erfidan



OMG, u forget:
*Arroz com Feijão (rice and beans)

I'm brazilian and I speak a littlest english, sry...

Justin bieber

OMG my stomach hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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