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September 01, 2007



The first video is not BOPE, but the undertrained Civil Police of Rio.

BOPE is the Elite Squad of the Military Police. Most Military Police also is undertrained compared to BOPE.


I was watching Tropa de Elite last night at Jakarta International Film Festival. The film really made me interested to find out more about the recurring violence in Rio and San Paolo's slums versus police corruptions. I was a former New Yorker moved to Indonesia. We've dealing similar problems with corruption in our Police and Military force, fortunately we don't have illegal guns on the streets like in Brazil. What interest me more about the film in general is how BOPE enforcing is no holds-barred rules of engagement. It's kill or be killed. They're really fighting a war there.


nice youtube videos,thanx for this.


Pretty unintersting videos when you think what does actually go on there with the BOPE s fight to control the favelas...and the first video wasnt even BOPE....not impressed

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