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November 02, 2009



About #6, Lula probably won't be running for president for a third term. First of all because he can't according to current legislation; just like on the US, presidents are limited to two consecutive terms here in Brazil. While there has been some movement to try and change that to allow Lula to run again, there is little hope for that to succeed.

Second, his party (PT, Worker's Party) is likely to soon confirm Dilma Rousseff, his current Chief of Staff and first woman to ever fill that position, as the party's official candidate for 2010's election.



Please reread the post and you'll see I said Lula wants to run in 2014, not 2010. http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/folha/brasil/ult96u336528.shtml


Outstanding article. I was especially intrigued by your predictions of Lula's 2014 run. Assuming that in 2010 his handpicked candidate wins the presidency, would he then run against him/her in 2014?

Here's hoping your article gets seen by people who can make a difference and show Brazil as she really is.


I agree with Andrew!! By now, you are definitely half American, half Brazilian! Although I am tempted to say you are more like an "Amerioca"!!! ;)

SF Chronicle is right to recommend your blog for Americans seeking to learn about Brazil. I recommend it to all my students ever since I found it.

Obrigada por promover nosso país e cultura!!!


PS: The name, a fusion of American and Carioca, was made up by a good American friend of mine who is also a big fan of Rio.

Susan Katz Miller

Somehow I was surfing through mixed-identity-Jewish blogs and found this blog! Que otimo! I lived three years in Recife (you may have seen my NYT travel section articles on Brazil).

Check out my post on the historic Recife synagoge, at http://onbeingboth.wordpress.com/2009/08/04/the-first-synagogue-in-the-new-world/

Marcio E. Goncalves

"Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's cultural capital"

Menos, menos...

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