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June 05, 2009



I have had the pleasure of seeing you and Eli together and although my visit was short, I am certain that the two of you are in love. The way you speak to one another, the way you help and encourage one another, even the way you look at one another is something that is rare, be it amongst two people of the same culture or not. So I have no doubt that you will be together soon.

I wish the two of you the best. Hope to see you soon!


Should I? :)


Hi Rachel..

don't worry, the visa interview will be OK (even though I thought the opposite) I had my interview in Rio on January 6th 2009 and things were easir than I expected.. not a lot of questions at all from the Consul..and I was there by myself, my wife couldn't go to the interview with me because she was working, didn't have the time and $$..I'm from Campinas by the way..we got married on Paril 17th and we are currently living in Chicago.

So ELi will be fine, just answer the questions with the True and you guys will be fine,

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact me..

Take care and good luck for both of you!! SOon you'll be reunited again!!!



I agree. Don't worry about the interview. I went through the same feelings when I was doing my immigration in Canada. I think they probably know how to detect a fake couple and a real couple. I got myself all worked up and it turned out that immigration didn't even request an interview. Immigration sent us a letter demanding our presence on a certain date. We went armed to the gills ready for an interview and, as it turned out, they were granting me my residency that day - no interview. Photographs and family testimonies are always a good thing. You guys have been in a relationship for a few years and you know each other and that will shine through.


Rachel, I'm sure Eli's interview will go like a breeze and hopefully you guys will be together again as soon as possible.
Good luck!

Ernest Barteldes

I would not worry about the interview. Immigration officers tend to be a bit out there when it comes to suspicions to bona-fide relationships (they were a
bit suspicious of my ex-wife. Maybe they saw something I didnt, but when they
get that it's real (as with my current wife, who is from Poland) it goes without
any major problems

Have a great life together


My wife is from Rio, and her 2002 interview for a fiance visa was a breeze. To avoid the same headaches with social security cards and drivers licenses that we had to deal with, you might want to make sure that your fiance applies for the work authorization the moment he arrives in the U.S. (no need to wait until you're married). Also make sure that he applies for the green card the moment you're married. No lawyers are necessary. Just follow the instructions, and you'll do fine. Good luck from a man who is happily married to a wonderful Carioca woman.

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