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June 22, 2009



Que lindo o que você escreveu Luiza!
I am also Brazilian, living in Sweden right now, where I study HR. It is very said and disapointing to know how people in our field can be racist and homophobic. The world needs people like you.


Just beautiful, Lu. :)

Ray Adkins

Luiza writes beatifully!
You are totally correct, Rachel, she has a great future ahead of her...
I noticed the same thing in Brazil as Luiza, people usually say they have gay friends and black friends, so they are not racist or anti gay, but constantly would make racist joke or an anti gay comment...
Brazilians need to grow out of it, it's about time.



Genial, Lu!


What a bright and talented young woman she is. I really enjoyed reading her post and checking out her blog.


I had the fantastic opportunity of meeting Lu personally too a few years ago and I have to agree that she is a WONDERFUL girl. Woman, really.

Anyway, my point is, I don't really know or am surrounded by many gay people, and neither do the people around me. That's why none of us know much about it. Having met Lu gave me a chance to open my eyes to a world I had never known before and to respect it. People are first, well, persons, whoever they end up liking.

And Lu's amazing, so.

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