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February 20, 2009


Robyn Fidler

Awww man, I guess somethings are the same all over the world. I was that girl once! I always failed miserably at auditions because I didn't have the nerves of steel and choked under pressure. The only good one I remember was when I was 13 or so and auditioning for SF Ballet's summer program. Word spread through the audition waiting area that Baryshnikov was rehearsing on another floor (we were in the Ruth Page studios in Chicago) and after the audition me and like ten other girls raced squealing to the door and plastered ourselves against the crack/keyhole. He finally came out and autographed our pointe shoes. Still have them!


Volunteering to support the Arts in a country where Arts is not supported is a beautiful thing and act of selfless service on your part, Rachel.
You are doing an invaluable good deed that I do not see Brazilians do for their own children. Kudos to you!

I must confess, when taking Ballet classes long ago I was always criticized for my butt size and being unable to align my lower back with my upper back. I looked and felt inappropriate so I did not dance anymore.

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