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November 28, 2008


Eduardo Sant'Anna

Another very interesting post!

Two points:

1- What about the hot dog and hamburger guys that usually sell their food in a trailer? I know, some can be quite dirty and I wouldn't go near them (and maybe you will include them in your next post). But the good ones (and 'fairly' clear) are fantastic. In the US you are probably used to the hot dogs with sausage (very good one by the way!) + bread and nothing else. In Rio they put many many things inside...
And what about the "X-tudo" (sort of a "Cheese-everything-burger")? Double (sometimes triple!) burger, ham, bacon, boiled egg, cheese, parmesan cheese, mayo, quail's eggs, peas, corn, salad... And they say americans are the ones that eat large portions! :-D

2 - Almost none of these street food sellers will give you a receipt, so they are not paying taxes (but they should!). Some will actually be stealing electricity from the public lamp-posts... this is an important point to note!


PS: And what about the "empada", usually sold on the beach? You didn't like it?


hmmmm... cocada... I really miss cocada. And real doce de leite, here they sell some (aledgely) Argentinian style dulce de leche that isn't all that good.


I'm a street meat person myself, but Rio does have really awesome churros


I never ever eat street food and I'm surprised to learn that they sell all that kind of food in Rio.
In São Paulo there was a chinese guy selling "yakissoba" at Avenida Paulista and believe me, it was gross! His once white clothes were so dirty, we was sweating and would never wash his hands.
Unfortunately, you see people like him working in asian restaurants here in Toronto. Some of them don't have teeth. It's really gross...


yummm, q saudade dos quiosques de pipoca... mmmm :) e das batatas fritas tbm YUM!


My life would be perfect if I could get decent acarajé in Boston.

Daily Rio Life

Okay I now have a new "to do" list as I have only ever eaten the popcorn... isn't that awful! I haven't spotted a soup vendor round these parts but would love to..


That made me so hungry and I am sitting here at work eating popcorn wishing it was street popcorn!!

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